The Lobster Porsche Naughty Bits, affectionately known as the “Naughty Bits” or “The Bits” by its fans, came together in the winter of 2010 as a group of musicians set on playing some East Coast music for a down-homer themed event taking place at Club 100 in the Ayr Mess (CFB North Bay Ontario).  Though brought together simply for this one event by lead-singer Steve White, it was such a success that they had two more bookings before the end of the night.  This event had seen fans drive in from as far away as Borden to take in the event, due to their having heard Steve sing in previous East Coast groups.  “The Bits” had been born.  In 2013 Steve was posted to CFB Halifax with the Canadian Forces and started rebuilding the band with some new faces.   However, this was short lived as he was quickly posted to Wainwright, Alberta coming this January and will be looking into reforming the band there. Look out for their mug shots!
Members of the Band
Originally from Wilmot, Nova Scotia, in the Annapolis Valley, he has been involved in various types of music since 1985, and studied music theory in university.  He has been writing and performing music since the late 1980s.  In “The Bits” he takes on the following responsibilities:  lead vocals; 6 string guitar; 12 string guitar; bodhran; Irish whistle; and percussion.
Steve White
From Newcastle, New Brunswick, Art has played music since age 14. As a teenager, he played rock, blue grass, folk and performed in a marching band.  In “The Bits” he played 12 string guitar, bass, electric guitar and supporting vocals.  It is said that he would pull out spoons to play if the mood strikes him.  Art was with "The Bits" from its very start until it moved to Halifax in the summer of 2013.

Art Henry
Growing up in the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, if you wanted harmony in the family, there were two things you didn't touch, musical instruments and rifles. So he decided, why not join the military and start playing music?  Mel picked up the fiddle and began a 14 year search for Don Messer's Fiddle. Turns out his uncle had one just like it, and he started playing it just in time to join “The Bits”.  Mel contributed to the group with fiddle; 6 string guitar; percussion; and supporting vocals.  Mell was also with "The Bits" from the very start until it moved to Halifax in the summer of 2013.
Mel Felhaber
What's in a Name?
Now to the most common question we get...where does that name come from?!?!  It can be blamed in large part on Art, but there were actually quite a few that contributed to the final decision ...including having a few down-range.  Here is a short story in Art's words for your enjoyment:

"I was away on a trip to Chicoutimi QC in the spring of 2010.
After a great evening with old friends, beer and Grand Marnier, I received
an e-mail from Steve suggesting that Mel and I think about a name for a
Maritime music group.  With too much sugar in my system (at least that's what he blames it on), I pumped out the following list:

White Noise
Free Beer
Gaelic Butter
Halibut Stew
Irish Transcendants
Holy Mackerel
Sons of the Guns
Kilt Tilters
K-Mart Shoppers
Rum Slummers
Steve and the Mine Shaft Inspectors
Pogey Cowpokes
Plaid Dads
Gregory and the Moose Callers
Rifle Drill Overdose
Salt Lick Conspirators
Fishing Pool Explosive Experts
Dulse Dumpers
Gravel Pit Camp Counsellors
Fishing Boat Backwash
Potato Patio Chairs
Hu Sur Fader Bye
Draft Beer Assassin
Great Wall of New Minas
The Eels of Stewiake
Lobster Porsche Naughty Bits

We passed the list around to our family and friends. For some reason, they
liked the last one best.  Therefore, we selected the very random Lobster
Porsche Naughty Bits moniker."

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Previous Members of the Band
The Lobster Porsche Naughty Bits has moved around the country, and in doing so it has had a varied membership as it built up the crustacean nation.  The following are those among the band to whom we bid fairwell and calm seas.....and look forward to sharing reuion tours with...